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information. >> i bet [ inaudible ] has never done that. [ laughter ] >> or maybe he has. >> stephanie: did he think it was giving an interview to a doctor. this is televised. >> apparently this is a symptom or leftover of a gastric bypass. [ farting sounds ] >> stephanie: you guys share a bathroom here. roker said -- >> schneiderman. >> stephanie: right. talk about gastric bypass surgery. he said i probably ate something i wasn't supposed to. and he was walking to the white house and thought he had a little gas and something else came out. schneiderman said you pooped your pants? i pooped my pants, confirmed roker. not terribly. schneiderman said, which is a common effect of this surgery. exactly he said, i was panicking, so i went to the restroom of the press room, threw away my underwear and then went commando. and so he left the poopy underwear at the white house. >> oh, my god! >> along with a paper towel. who is going to know. >> stephanie: if joe biden used that bathroom that is a big [ censor bleep ] deal. oh, god, who was in here? al? do not go in there. we'll be rig
. >> caller: it was hilarious. my best friend said i'll bet their back stage going that must be dana from maryland. she's a tea bagger. that's it. >> hal: thank you so much, dana. >> caller: wait, wait, one more thing though. my topic i wanted to talk about was abortion. >> oh! >> caller: rachel, i didn't know the small little legislative laws like the woman has to listen to the tape of the heart beat. >> oh, yeah. >> caller: tape her reaction, her physical reaction. and i wanted to ask you hal smalltown kid, how do you deal with that? >> hal: you know, before roe v. wade and before it was a protected right in this country a lot of women handled this quite frankly like patrick swayze's dance partner in dirty dancing. through a shady doctor or no doctor at all. >> caller: but they did it on the kitchen table. >> hal: exactly. or well people who could pretend they didn't have to do these kind of things would send their daughter to visit a cousin and she would come back without the child anymore. >> caller: there's one clinic in each of these four states and some women have to drive five hou
a broken wing. please. hah hah! ♪ nah nah nah nah nah ♪ >> suckers! >> stephanie: i bet he did say that. he just signed it in hawaii by auto pen. and then he wrote suckers. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: susie in florida, you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi susie. >> caller: hi. i want to talk about the nra's plan to arm schools. i think they should higher veterans. >> someone suggested the national guard -- >> stephanie: you know, i have to say. i do have a little bit of concern with the amount of posttraumatic stress syndrome that we have with the vets that have served. believe me, i understand, because i'm not a parent that you want to do immediately what is going to protect your kid. so i don't want to say that should be off the table but i don't want to introduce more guns and more people with mental problems. >> caller: between that and training teachers to use weapons. come on. the whole thing is asinining. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: i don't understand the philosophy behind it. but i think there's a lot of out of work military people that could use so
a tipsy tree trimmer dangled for nearly -- try saying that with tequila. >> stephanie: bet you john boehner can't say it. >> god no. >> stephanie: dangled for two hours until a battalion of firefighters rescued him. a lot more than a kitty. authorities say the man appeared to be tipsy had a half full bottle of tequila in his belt. >> and an onion. >> stephanie: i think as a public service we have to play this once a year. >> do you have feelings of inadequacy, do you suffer from shyness. do you sometimes wish you were more assertive? if you answered yes to any of these questions ask your doctor or pharmacist about tequila. tequila is the safe, natural way to feel better and more confident about yourself and your actions. tequila can help ease you out of your shyness and let you tell the world that you're ready and willing to do just about anything. you'll notice the benefits of tequila almost immediately. and with a regimen of regular doses, you can overcome any obstacles that prevent from you living the life you want to live. shyness and awkwardness will be a thing of the past and
. and he is teeny, and yet still taller than her. >> i bet she couldn't box because she is tiny. >> stephanie: i bet she could. you wouldn't see that coming. let's go to mori in idaho. >> caller: good morning. i want to start the wrinkle revolution. >> stephanie: okay. >> caller: there are millions of us out here on social security or fixed incomes, we manage to meet our budget each month, how come the 535 guys in congress can't do it? they should have to wait through a sea of wrinkles and hover-rounds the next time they start talking about the budget. [ applause ] >> stephanie: all right. speaking of plucky women, secretary of state hillary clinton yesterday. >> as i have said many times. i take responsibility, and nobody is more committed to getting this right. i am determined to leave the state department and our country, safer, stronger, and more secure. >> stephanie: we were talking about this earlier. she shot back at republican senator, ron johnson. she is talking about in the heat of fining out -- literally that's when you are going to try to do detectiv
are very troubling. >> i'm taking bets on when one of the guys will come out and say this guy isn't as temperamentally suited or judicious in his comments as susan rice might have been. sooner or later they're going to get around back to her again. it was like i don't know why we're talking about susan rice when we could have our good friend, john kerry, who we spent four years savaging. he's really a good guy now. >> stephanie: the president presenting his gun violence measures today. at noon, do you think. anything going to play out differently this time? >> you know, i think the stuff he's saying, he can do himself. he can do himself. a bunch of you know, beckerwood sheriffs aside by executive order, he can order a study of gun violence. i don't think -- we're not treading on any constitutional provisions. >> stephanie: in honor of les mis, i dream that the president uses the word peckerwood in his conference today. >> he almost criticized the american people of being stupid. you know why they can do that? number one because you're black and number two because the american peop
they get out of their little thing. that's me. >> i bet you the person next to you will know how to put it into airplane mode. >> stephanie: i'll be like excuse me. okay. vice president biden yesterday. >> i have been in this fight a long time. i have no illusions about the fight that is in front of us. i have no illusions about distortions that will come from all sides, but i know full well the obstacles that will be thrown up against us are not inpenetratable. >> stephanie: speaking of people that might throw up obstacles. the nra warns that confiscation could be next. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> but that's not true. that's a lie. >> also being invaded by martians could happen. >> stephanie: could be. it could happen! >> could happen. >> stephanie: in an email -- oh ironically it was also a fund-raising pitch. >> oh, well. >> stephanie: in an email sent to nra members on thursday they warn that politicians in d.c. are closing in fast on your right to keep and bare arms. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] [♪ mysterious music ♪] >> stephanie: president o
'll bet she does. >> mexico? >> she does! >> she does not! there are only trailers there. >> stephanie: she owns the cantina in ensenada. >> i saw her dancing on a table there. >> stephanie: no, jim ward. here's a late holiday gift. hannity lost half his tv audience after the election. gee, i guess people don't like -- >> being lied to? >> stephanie: right! viewers were basked in his anti-obama rhetoric tuned him out when they were stunned to wake up and discover the president won a second term. a scenario that hannity promised would never ever happen. >> stephanie: he had a parade of oh, i love this, thought leaders, on the right. that's a contradiction of terms like jumbo shrimp. dick morris and ann coulter who all predicted the president would lose in a landslide. let's dive into the right-wing world. see what's doing today. we already did the sounder. do you want to do it again? [ ♪ circus ♪ ] >> obama and the white house have narrative setters in the liberal media who are just raring to blam
to the republican leadership take off your lace panties. >> stephanie: i bet she has said ere-my-gurd when she saw this headline. only 8% say they are members of the tea party. and this is rasmussen. >> they are a right-wing outfit. >> stephanie: right. 49% have an unfavorable view of the tea party. [ applause ] >> er-gurd. >> stephanie: does anyone know what we're talking about? we need to post it on our facebook. >> stephanie: it's mean. joe in chicago you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: yes, i just wanted to hope that the main stream media takes a few moments to go back and listen to news reels of fox [ inaudible ] nation talking about how shocked and outraged they were not too long ago when that democrat made some analogy that a republican was like hitler. >> stephanie: yeah. we just played -- where are they? we had like -- lars larson on fox news just yesterday. they went directly to hitler. >> if you look at feinstein's bill which is the model for the president, under feinstein's bill if the president plans to go that way, anybody in america who owns one o
presidential candidate. she didn't run. it was a horrible blow to comedians everywhere. i bet today rude, she's wishing she had. she would have expanded her brand in a way that fox news and a canceled reality show never could have done it. >> that's what i said in the book. if she wants to keep the sarah palin brand or sarah-co going she's got to run for president because otherwise who cares? she wasn't on the national stage long enough and frankly, with you know fox's dying audience, all of the shut-ins and elderly that are watching them, that of course she was going to fade. >> john: i think you're right. >> right now she is essentially a facebook celebrity. >> john: even "the new york times" rather pointedly mentioned even though she left fox, she was still sending out messages on facebook. >> basically she's the tela tequila of punditry. >> right now she's an inarticulate tree falling in the forest. [ laughter ] >> john: what do you think she can contribute rude? we're not going to ever see her run for national office again? >> no. we're never really going to see her anymore. she is going
bipartisan -- [ whatever! ] >> stephanie: right. wow, i bet you they'll be helpful on immigration reform as well. right after they get reasonable gun control done. president obama plans to move congress on an ambitious overhaul on the immigration reform a change of one comprehensive bill resisting efforts by some republicans to break the overhaul into smaller pieces. john mccain, as you know, will be -- >> it's not the policy! comprehensive immigration reform. who would ever come up with such a ridiculous idea. >> that's exactly what's going to happen which is the sad part. >> never heard of him. >> javi or javy. >> stephanie: is that how i say it? >> caller: hello. actually, it is javy. that's the california version. >> the plural -- java. >> caller: hi, guys. i just wanted to bring up something. there was a forbes article, i don't know if you folks saw it, but in december 18th called addicted to bang the neuroscience of the gun. it was in forbes and it brought -- it argued very successfully, i thought that what we're hearing about now the passion that's coming from people in the nra yo
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11